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Hot topics in interventional cardiology: Proceedings from the society for cardiovascular angiography and interventions 2020 think tank.

Naidu SS, Coylewright M, Hawkins BM, Meraj P, Morray BH, Devireddy C, Ing F, Klein AJ, Seto AH, Grines CL, Henry TD, Rao SV, Duffy PL, Amin Z, Aronow HD, Box LC, Caputo RP, Cigarroa JE, Cox DA, Daniels MJ, Elmariah S, Fagan TE, Feldman DN, Forbes TJ, Hermiller JB, Herrmann HC, Hijazi ZM, Jeremias A, Kavinsky CJ, Latif F, Parikh SA, Reilly J, Rosenfield K, Swaminathan RV, Szerlip M, Yakubov SJ, Zahn EM, Mahmud E, Bhavsar SS, Blumenthal T, Boutin E, Camp CA, Cromer AE, Dineen D, Dunham D, Emanuele S, Ferguson R, Govender D, Haaf J, Hite D, Hughes T, Laschinger J, Leigh S-M, Lombardi L, McCoy P, McLean F, Meikle J, Nicolosi M, O'Brien J, Palmer RJ, Patarca R, Pierce V, Polk B, Prince B, Rangwala N, Roman D, Ryder K, Tolve MH, Vang E, Venditto J, Verderber P, Watson N, White S, Williams DM Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2020;96(6):1258-1265.

<p>The society for cardiovascular angiography and interventions (SCAI) think tank is a collaborative venture that brings together interventional cardiologists, administrative partners, and select members of the cardiovascular industry community for high-level field-wide discussions. The 2020 think tank was organized into four parallel sessions reflective of the field of interventional cardiology: (a) coronary intervention, (b) endovascular medicine, (c) structural heart disease, and (d) congenital heart disease (CHD). Each session was moderated by a senior content expert and co-moderated by a member of SCAI's emerging leader mentorship program. This document presents the proceedings to the wider cardiovascular community in order to enhance participation in this discussion, create additional dialogue from a broader base, and thereby aid SCAI and the industry community in developing specific action items to move these areas forward.</p>

MeSH terms: Cardiac Catheterization; Cardiology; Coronary Angiography; Diffusion of Innovation; Heart Diseases; Humans; Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
DOI: 10.1002/ccd.29197